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      Importers of giftware, homewares, and variety products supplying to a large number of retail stores throughout New Zealand and Australia.

      Good looks, great features… Uniwide gets the total package 

      Unwide are importers of a large range of giftware, homewares, and variety products. They supply goods throughout NZ and Australia to supermarkets, pharmacies, gift shops, hardware stores and more. Uniwide disliked the functionality and looks of their existing website so much that they emabarrassed to refer existing or prospective customers to the site. 

      The Ninjas jumped in and provided a B2B webstore with a slick, new design and enhanced functionality to give David and Uniwide staff something that they would not only be proud to promote, but would also give their customers ability to order online 24/7 at their specific MYOB Exo generated price, with an advanced freight calculator to accurately determine pricing to all parts of Australia.

      Web Address: www.uniwide.com.au
      Software: MYOB Exo
      Location: Melbourne, VIC

      View Live Site 

      Integration Features


      • Primary and Secondary stock group


      • Products are grouped using an Extra Field as the group name


      • Login only site (locked down B2B)
      • Custom design
      • Advanced Freight Module
      • Shipping calculator page
      • Pallet size module
      • Grouped Products (colour/size)
      • Visual Pallet display in shopping cart
      • Min/Multiple ordering 


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