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      Pink Lotus

      Pink Lotus are a café and giftware store in the Gold Coast that stock gifts that help nourish the mind, body and soul.

      Getting spiritual with the Ninjas.   

      Pink Lotus Giftware & Cafe was imagined in the New Year of 2015 and opened in March. Our cafe has been operating at Southport Park for over 5 years and the gift shop now compliments the space perfectly. The concept of the shop is Nourishment for the Mind, Body & Soul. Offering books, stationary, crystals and new-age spiritual items.

      The Ninja’s offered up an e-commerce solution integrated with MYOB Retail Manager with a calming purple, easy to navigate design. This is owner Leisa McInnes’ second site with us, we love a return customer. 

      Web Address: www.pinklotusgiftware.com.au 

      Software: MYOB Retail Manager

      Location: Gold Coast, QLD

      View Live Site

      Integration Features

      • Shop by Brands filter - still being updated by the client
      • Customer can be notified when products come back in stock
      • Customers can sign up and be added to MailChimp newsletter list
      • Products can be flagged as featured products on the homepage (none currently set-up)
      • Guest checkout - customers can go through the checkout without creating a permanent account
      • The site administrator can create coupons so customers can enter a coupon code in the checkout and get discounts on products
      • Integration with Paypal for payments



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