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      Bake Boss NZ 

      New Zealand based store Bake Boss, provides all the culinary needs a master cake maker could dream of. 

      Cooking up a treat with Bake Boss NZ and Jiwa.  

      Bake Boss opened its doors in 2011 in Richmond Australia, with the ever growing needs of Cake Decorators & Enthusiasts. Bake Boss now have stores in most major capital cities in Australia and in 2014 they opened a store in Mount Maunganui New Zealand.

      With three existing online stores with the Ninjas, Bake Boss called on The Ninja’s create a site to support their NZ store and service the growing customer base. The first site went live in June 2014 and at the end of last year they upgraded to a new site with a responsive design on the latest Web Ninja platform to accommodate their move from Attache to Jiwa. 

      Web Addresswww.bakeboss.co.nz


      LocationMt Maunganui, NZ

      View Live Site

      Integration Features

      • Product data is imported from Retail manager including prices and stock levels
      • New and special products 
      • Make an enquiry
      • Add to favourites
      • In/out of stocK
      • Ignore stock levels based on userfield
      • Expected stock based on PO data
      • Multiple product images
      • Product tags
      • Embedded videos
      • Related Products
      • Category Manager
      • Coupon Module
      • One page checkout
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