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      Jiwa Integration

      Integrate your current B2B or B2C shopping cart with Jiwa using Web Ninja. A webstore integrated
      with Jiwa is the smart & easy way to sell to your approved wholesale customers. 

      How Web Ninja works




      Standard features for Jiwa

      Colour/Size Integration

      Stock information (SOH)

      Stock Locations


      Categorise products using Categories or custom fields

      Custom field mapping

      Upsell products

      Use Jiwa images if available

      Link PDF brochures and MSDS sheets to products

      Minimum/multiple order quantities per product

      Sales orders linked back to debtors

      Customer upload from Jiwa

      Enforce Stop credits

      Payment terms

      Sales rep login / Order on behalf

      Quick pick list based on Jiwa order history

      Customer Invoices

      Credit Notes

      View Backorders

      Pay invoices online

      PO Due Dates for incoming stock

      Pricing policy integration including debtor specific and debtor class pricing


      Custom Options for Jiwa

      Enhance your user experience with these advanced custom options.  

      Advanced Shipping Options (Integration with
           freight companies eg Fastway & Temando)

      Customer Permissions 

      Quote Module

      Stockist locator

      Notify Customers when products are back in stock

      Jiwa Kits

      Mailchimp integration

      Custom Sales Orders

      * Custom options will incur additional fees and will be priced on case-by-case basis.


      Summon a Ninja 


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